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A solution to providing flexible pre-employment and language training for immigrants both pre-arrival and at a distance. 

Through SettlementOnline.ca,  [ISANS] shares online tools and expertise with other settlement organisations across Canada, so that they, in turn, can provide pre-employment and language training to immigrants who are in or destined for their communities.


  • a repository of online courses and workshops
  • developed and customized for immigrants
  • facilitated courses with customized feedback
  • online learning community where immigrants can socialize, interact and discuss things that are not related to the course
  • flexible delivery, accessible from anywhere
  • developed with Open Source software

[ISANS]’ role:

  • provide guidelines and requirements to organisations to become a Settlement Online partner
  • provide support and guidance to settlement organisations in setting up Settlement Online
  • set up a customized area within SettlementOnline.ca for  settlement organisations
  • brand workshops and courses with logos etc. of settlement organisations
  • administer online site for settlement organizations to use with immigrants in/destined for their communities
  • provide access to [ISANS]' suite of quality online courses and workshops 
  • provide training to settlement organisations’ staff for enrolment and facilitation, using the online platform.
  • provide ongoing technical support for both learners and settlement organisations’ staff
  • ensure stability of online platform

Settlement Organizations’ role:

  • meet with [ISANS] for an initial orientation session to SettlementOnline.ca
  • establish formal partnership with [ISANS]
  • determine scope of training (# clients accessing services, focus of training, # of courses, frequency etc)
  • identify capacity and resources needed (# staff, equipment)
  • take part in orientation to online programs and in enrolment and facilitation training
  • Identify internal process for referring your clients to an online course 
  • identify clients (pre-arrival, distance, eligibility, other)
  • enroll clients into programs
  • deliver online programs
  • provide local context, resources and referrals to immigrants living in or preparing to arrive in your area


Benefits of Settlement Online

For the Client:

  • provides access  to a successful, tried and tested suite of online immigrant focused programs
  • enables immigrants who prefer the mode of online learning, who live in rural areas, as well as those who are still in their country of origin, to access services
  • offers a range of services to immigrants who live in rural areas that may have limited training options
  • offers flexibility in terms of timing and location to immigrants both pre- and post-arrival
  • offers an option to learn knowledge and skills at an individual’s own pace, location and preferred way of learning, using a learner-centred approach whereby each learner can set his/her own pace and identify his/her own learning goals.

    For the partnering Settlement Organisation:
  • allows settlement organisations currently not delivering online services, to jump into online learning with ease, without initial development and infrastructure costs
  • responds to the Federal government’s priority of providing services pre-arrival
  • helps to build the settlement sector’s capacity for online and pre-arrival delivery
  • offers the opportunity to expand an organisation’s capacity for service delivery
  • builds on the strategic advantage of SPOs and the work we already do
  • demonstrates greater efficiency and cost effectiveness of working together
  • responds to global trending towards doing more on mobile devices
  • research has documented that there are no significant differences in outcomes between online and alternate modes of delivery


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