System Requirements

We recommend the following minimum system requirements.

Web Browser

You must have an HTML5-compliant web browser.  We recommend using the current version of one of the major web browsers, preferably Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  You should check which web browser version you are using, which you can do using the following web page:

What is my Browser?

If you are not using the current version, update your browser.

We recommend having at least two different browsers installed, if possible, as this allows you to try using an alternative browser if you do encounter any technical problems using web content.  If your internet connection is too slow to stream video, in some courses you can download the MP4 video files by right-clicking on them, and play them later from your hard drive.

Courses often require downloading files from web pages.  We recommend placing these in a separate sub-folder in your Downloads directory.  You can access your download history on most browsers simply by pressing CTRL+J.

Java and Flash Plugins

For most courses, you will need to have the current versions of the Java and Adobe Flash browser plugins installed.  You should check these and update them, if necessary using the web pages below:

Other Software

We recommend using Windows Vista or above, or Mac OS X or above, as your operating system.  Most of our courses are usable on mobile devices, such as iOS or Android phones and tablets, but some functionality may be limited.  You should also have access to an email client.

Hardware & Internet
  • High speed internet access, suitable for streaming online video
  • Headset, or microphone and speakers for some courses
  • Webcam for some programs
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